People with a speech disability, or those who use a voice synthesizer, can use their own voice on a STS relay call

Dial 711 or 866-355-6198
STS Customer Service: 877-787-1989 (24 hours)

People with a speech disability, or those who use a voice synthesizer, can use their own voice on a STS relay call.  The Communications Assistant, a specially trained to understand unique speech patterns, repeats the words exactly as they are spoken to their caller.

Speech to Speech Literature


Please note: no TTY is necessary; only a standard phone.

1. Dial 711 or 1-866-355-6198 to connect to a Speech-to-Speech Communications Assistant (CA) directly.

2. You will connect to a Speech-to-Speech CA who has been specifically trained to provide assistance for customers with mild to severe speech disabilities, as well as customers using voice synthesizers, voice enhancers and other devices.

3. Verbally inform the CA of the area code and telephone number you are calling.

4. Choose the role that you want the CA to take in your call: Active Role: the CA will repeat everything you say to the other party.Passive Role: the CA will intervene only upon request from you or the person you have called.

5. The CA will dial out your call. You will be able to hear the line ringing and everything the person you have called says once the call is answered.

6. Speak directly to the person you have called. The CA will repeat your conversation for you as you previously requested.

7.  The CA will disconnect the call when you are finished. Let the CA know if you wish to make another call.

Speed Dial List available on Customer Database Profile

Speech-to-Speech callers can store a list of frequently called names and telephone numbers with Sprint Relay Services by using the Customer Database Profile. This list allows you to call someone without having to provide their telephone number. Cick here to create your new Customer Database Profile


Enhanced STS Service!


My Email Set Up

In order to speed up the set-up of the call, Alaska Relay now offers STS email set-up. My Email Set Upfeature allows STS users to go online and type information including:

  • Your name, phone number and email address

  • Your username & password

  • Name of person/business and phone number you are calling

  • Preferred announcement

  • Instructions to Relay Operator

Then you simply click a button to submit your message to Alaska Relay STS at least TWO HOURS before the call.

Click here to read My Step-by-Step Instructions  

My Support - 877-787-1989

A dedicated customer support for STS users. This new support for STS is standing by to assist STS users or organizations serving STS users with basic information about STS, filling out customer profiles, and other Alaska Relay features designed to support STS customers and their callers.

The NEW STS customer service number is 877-787-1989 and hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(Please note that while some providers are charging their States a per-minute rate for this service, Alaska Relay is bringing this to you for free with no per-minute charge.)

Register Your Speech-to-Speech Contact Information -
Call STS Customer Support: 877-787-1989

No more missed calls because someone doesn’t know when and where to reach you!

Registering your contact information is an easy way to inform people who call you about when and where to reach you.

Click to download STS Profile Form PDF

To register contact locations, phone numbers, and the days and hours you can be reached at each location, click here to download the profile form (PDF) or call STS Customer Service (877-787-1989) and choose a password that you can give to individuals who call you. You can register home, work, and weekend getaway contact information. Those who want to call you just dial the Alaska Relay STS number (866-355-6198) and give the relay operator your name and password. The relay operator will look up your contact information and hours of availability and connect the call.

My Name and My Places

Receiving calls is now easier than ever for STS users with My Name and My Places.

Once STS users register My Name, voice callers can simply call and ask for the STS user directly by name without having to provide the telephone number.  

STS users can also be reached at multiple numbers. Simply add multiple telephone numbers and hours of availability and we will do the rest. When voice users call, we’ll simply reference the STS user’s “My Places” to see the registered phone numbers. Different numbers can be added for certain times of the day and days of the week.

Contact My Support for more information at 877-787-1989

My Saved Messages

Imagine spending time dictating a message for an answering machine and then getting a busy signal and being unable to leave that message.  This is even more frustrating for STS users for whom it may take 15 minutes to dictate that message.

With My Saved Messages, the STS operator can help. Upon request, the STS relay operator can copy any messages desired onto the Customer’s Profile for 24 hours. When the STS user would like to try again, they simply redial STS and ask to retrieve saved messages.  After 24-hours the message copied into the profile is automatically deleted from the system.

Contact My Support for more information at 877-787-1989.

My Style

STS users are allowed to determine how we support them. Whether the STS user would like the STS relay operator to re-voice the entire conversation or simply repeat upon request, we will provide STS that meets the customer’s needs.

Contact My Support for more information at 877-787-1989.

My Phonebook

Your profile can store up to 30 speed dial numbers in a STS user's phonebook. To place a call, the STS user simply asks for a caller by name.

Contact My Support for more information at 877-787-1989.

Spanish STS is also available: Dial 1-866-260-9470.

You will be connected to a specially trained Communications Assistant who can re-voice spoken Spanish to a Spanish listener as needed. (Refer to Step-By-Step Instructions for STS Relay Calls to complete your call.)