Hearing Carry Over (HCO)

HCO is designed for those who are unable to speak but can hear

Dial 7-1-1- or 800-770-8973

HCO allows a person with a speech disability who can hear to make a call by typing to the Communication Assistant (CA) who reads the message to the other party. The HCO user can hear the other party’s spoken responses through the phone.


  1. Dial 711 or 800-770-8973 to reach a CA directly.

  2. When you see the message "AR NBR CALLING PLS GA" on your TTY display screen, type the area code and telephone number you are calling followed by "HTH GA."

  3. You will connect to a CA who will type the message "HCO ON GA" to signal for you to go ahead.

  4. Pick up the handset of your phone. The CA will tell you that your call is being placed. If a person answers, the CA will announce the call as a "hearing-to-hearing" call then verbally ask you to begin typing your message.

  5. Replace the handset and type your message. Please type "GA" when you are finished typing and ready for a response. The CA will read your message aloud to other HCO user you have called.

  6. Pick up the handset again to listen to the CA speak the other HCO user’s conversation directly to you then replace it when you are ready to type your reply.

  7. Continue this process throughout the duration of your call. When you are ready to hang up, type "SK" then pick up your handset to hear the CA say "goodbye."

Customer Database Profile:

HCO can be automatically setup by creating a Customer Database Profile. This will ensure that all relay calls you make and any relay calls you receive will be connected with HCO already activated. Cick here to create your new Customer Database Profile