Get Your CapTel Phone Today!

You have two options to select from to get your CapTel phone:

1.  Apply for a Free CapTel Phone through Alaska Equipment Distribution Program

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2. To get a free CapTel phone with Certification

Per recent FCC regulations, individuals with hearing loss may receive an Internet-based CapTel phone free of charge if they complete and submit a Third Party Certification of Eligibility. The Third-Party Certification must be signed by a hearing health professional who confirms that the person applying has a hearing loss and would benefit from IP-based Captioned Telephone Service in order to communicate effectively over the phone.


  • Third Party Certification only applies to CapTel models that are Internet-based (CapTel 840i, CapTel 880i and CapTel 2400i)

  • Third Party Certification cannot be used for CapTel models that do not have an Internet connection (CapTel 840 / CapTel 800 / CapTel 200)

Professionals qualified to sign the Third Party Certification

  • Audiologists
  • Doctors (with a hearing-related speciality)
  • Primary Physician
  • General Practice Physician
  • Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Doctor
  • Geriatric Practice
  • Hearing Related Professionals
  • Hearing Instrument Specialists 
  • Veteran Service Officers


  1. Download & print the Hearing Health Professional Certification Form (Click here for Certification Form). Have the form signed & dated by a hearing professional as listed above

  2. Fax the completed certification form to: 1-608-238-3008 (Fax) or send email with attachment to:


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