Captioned Telephone (CapTel)

Solutions for people with hearing loss.

What is CapTel?  

CapTel® is short for captioned telephone. A person with hearing loss places a call in the same way as dialing a traditional phone. CapTel uses voice-recognition technology to display verbatim captions of the other party's conversation on the telephone’s screen, allowing the person with hearing loss to hear and read all comments.

Captioned Telephone Service allows you to answer your calls with confidence. You can relax and enjoy your conversations again! With your CapTel, your calls will be captioned and you won’t have to make wild guesses as to what the caller is saying. Captioned Telephone Services allow you to LISTEN and READ captions of everything your caller says during your phone conversations. Don't miss another word!

CapTel Literature

How CapTel Phone works

CapTel phones work with a free Captioning Service to provide captions of everything your callers say.  It allows you to dial, speak, listen and read your conversation on a screen display.