911 Emergency Calls

Make sure you can reach 911 in any emergency situation 

Reaching 911 Emergnecy Services 

  • If possible, dial 911 on your TTY for a direct connection to your local 911 center. 

  • Immediately after your 911 call is connected, clearly and specifically provide your full name and location information.

  • If you are calling 911 through Alaska Relay, your Communications Assistant (CA) will contact the nearest emergency response center in your area and relay your information to the dispatcher.

  • If you are using IP Relay, you will need to register IP Relay.  www.mysprintrelay.com. Make sure you are log in IP Relay serivce, your computer is turned on and connected to the Internet to complete a web-based text. If your Internet connection is not working, dial 911 on your TTY. 

  • More information about using 911 on other relay services, go to: http://www.sprintrelay.com/911-calls